Community Organizations:  The Press Room is committed to supporting local organizations.  If you’re a non-profit organization, registered charity, or educational organization, please contact us for discounted pricing. 

Community Events:  Having an event? If you’re a non-profit organization or   

registered charity, contact us to find out how to get a greater discount on your digital printing needs.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) :  We are not FSC certified, but use FSC certified stock whenever possible.

Recycling: All our products are fully recyclable, and most of our stock contains recycled paper.  100% recycled paper available upon request.

Sustainability: The Press Room is committed to using sustainable practices

as much as possible. 

UV Coating: This coating is a resin-based product that comes from trees!  Of course, UV Coating is fully recyclable.  You can also write on UV Coating. 

Warning:  when coated on both sides, tends to be slippery when wet.

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